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Saudi Build 2018 october 18 2018

Carpets for Buildings

Carpets for Buildings is in the Holland pavilion at the Saudi Build Fair 2018 from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26. We are delighted with the invitation from the Dutch embassy in Ryadh.


Zimmerbild october 18 2016

Carpets for Buildings

Carpets for Buildings investigates the possibilities for producing carpet in relief which may lead to new features. For example, a minimum of relief is created by applications of different pile heights. Currently Carpets for Buildings examines if there are also larger constructive structures possible with the intension to create for example comfortable seating features in carpet. We use techniques from the automotive industry where interior carpet is preformed by means of vacuum and thermoforming. Another approach is to tuft a rug directly into a 3D shape. For this method, we team up with the Textiellab in Tilburg.

Artist impressions by:
Cliffhanger visuals

Composing the new carpet january 15 2016

Carpets for Buildings

From January 2016 to December 2018 Carpets for Buildings will be partner in Composing the New Carpet. This is a research project by the Centre of Expertise Future Makers ArtEZ working together with the Verenigde Nederlandse Tapijtfabrikanten (VNTF), with product designers, with carpet manufacturers such as Bonar and knowledge centers such as Wageningen UR.

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Guggenheim Helsinki Now january 13 2016

Carpets for Buildings

A concept carpet design made by Carpets for Buildings for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for the public exhibition of the designs of a proposed Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki.


Opening Materials Library at University at Buffalo
including Carpets for Buildings
march 12 2015

Carpets for Buildings

In February 2015 the opening took place of the Materials Library of the leading university in New York State. The library contains a collection of innovative materials being developed worldwide. The selection is based on the existing online & print catalog Transmaterial by Blaine Brownell.

The first batch of materials including samples of Carpets for Buildings showcases 10 new applications and manufacturers from USA, Canada, Netherlands and Italy. All compiled material samples will become part of the permanent materials library at UB's Architecture and Planning Department.

Linked to this event there will be an exhibition at Anderson Gallery, April 25th - May 10th curated by Alicia Marván.

This exhibition provides an opportunity for Western New York emerging and established artists, designers, and architects to create new work using innovative materials currently being made worldwide.


Carpets for Buildings listed in Elements catalogue by Rem Koolhaas sept 8 2014

Carpets for Buildings

Rem Koolhaas is the curator of the fourteenth Venice Architecture Biennale FUNDAMENTALS. In September 2014, he has released the fifteen-parts serie ELEMENTS on the occasion of this international architecture exhibition.

Carpets for Buildings is listed in the part FLOOR with our design vision and an image of a Wall Through Wall Carpet.

Summary of Elements
Architecture is a strange mixture of persistence and flux, an amalgamation of elements -- some that have been around for over 5,000 years and others that were (re)invented yesterday. The fact that these elements change independently of each other, according to different cycles and economies, and for different reasons, turns each building into a complex collage of the archaic and the current, the site-specific and the standard, mechanical smoothness and the spontaneous. Only by looking at the elements under a wide lens can we recognize the cultural preferences, forgotten symbolism, technological advances, mutations triggered by intensifying global exchange, climatic adaptions, political calculations, regulatory requirements, new digital regimes, and, somewhere in the mix -- the ideas of the architect that constitute the practice of architecture today. A collection of these essential elements into 15 books in a package launched at the 2014 Venice Biennale that allows us to look through a microscope at the real fundamentals of our buildings and see again the essential design techniques used by any architect, anywhere, anytime.



'Perplexing Color Directions' by Trendease nov 6 2012

Carpets for Buildings

Trendease is a new online design and fashion publication. They travel extensively to gather visions and digital images from shops, showrooms, trade fairs, exhibits, and fashion shows in all the major European fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan and many others. Trendease aims to inspire by publishing these images accompanied by interviews and articles.

The November issue is about color. Perplexing Color Directions. Color forecasters around the world have been noting the return of color into our lives. In this issue a selection of innovative materials in relation to color, including the products of Carpets for Buildings.


Comparison of gradients oct 21 2012

Carpets for Buildings

Foto's Hans Wijninga

Carpets for Ruins oct 20 2012

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Variation in pattern with eight unrepeatable gradient prints during a trial installation in an empty office space.

Photos Hans Wijninga

Materió 2012 sept 10 2012

Carpets for Buildings
MatériO is an independent information centre on materials and innovative products established in Antwerpen, Paris, Praque and Barcelona. matériO provides members with a large selection of specific, reproducible and obtainable materials, key elements in the creation process. You can find also Carpets for Buildings in the matériO database.


MoOD 2012 sept 9 2012

Carpets for Buildings
During the international MoOD fair in Brussel(from 11 to 13 sept 2012) Carpets for Buildings will be presented by matériO as part of the MoOD Innovation Platform.


Futur(s) 12 sept 8 2012

Carpets for Buildings | Valkhof museum Nijmegen - O Fortuna biennale Gelderland

Peclers Paris is a leading trend, style and innovation consulting agency. Peclers publishes trend books serving all creative and manufacturing professionals.
Futur(s) 12 offers a more prospective global analysis of cross-serving innovation in materials. Carpets for Buildings is happy to be represented in this edition.

Find Futur(s) 12 at Maison & Objets from the 7th  to the 11th of September in Paris and at It Fits forecasting:

Overtoom 282hs
1054 JC Amsterdam
tel: +31 (0)20 616 7666


Probe feb 5 2011

Carpets for Buildings | Valkhof museum Nijmegen - O Fortuna biennale Gelderland

Probe is a miniature exhibition space, with walls no higher then 1,10m and a surface of 6 m2.
The exhibition space of Probe, although it is a physical space is only accessible to the public through the Internet. Carpets for Buildings is showing two floors from the series Unrepeatable Carpets in Probe. Please visit us at

Thanks to Suze May Sho Suze May Sho
Photograpy Rosell Heimen

Biënnale Gelderland 2010 jan 3 2011

Carpets for Buildings | Valkhof museum Nijmegen - O Fortuna biennale Gelderland

Art, design and science manifestation
October 9, 2010 through January 9, 2011

On October 9, 2010 in Museum Valkhof (Nijmegen, NL) opens the seventh edition of the Biennale Gelderland "O Fortuna" with an exhibition of contemporary art, fashion and design. Carpets for Buildings takes part in the exhibition with a rug from the series Unrepeatable Carpets.

Participating artists and designers
Arno Arts, Jos Buivenga, Lobke Burgers, Peter van der Gulden, Imme van der Haak, Rosemin Hendriks, Bruno van Hooijdonk, Jeroen Huisman, Peter Jordaan, Floris Kaayk, Gerard Koek, Mark Kramer, Carpets for Buildings / Marcel Kronenburg, Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer, Malousebastiaan, OK-Parking, De Realisten, Hellen van Rees, Roland Schimmel, Lique Schoot, Andrea Stultiëns, Suze May Sho, Studio 026, Jerome Symons, Simon van Til, Levi van Veluw, Rob Verwer, Lisa Vieten, Lisa Vlamings, Jan Vos, Juliëtte Warmenhoven, Albert Van Der Weide, F.E. van der Weide

Thanks to Tiziana Nespoli, Terry van Gurp, Berna Lohman and Evelien Jansen
video review Anne Berk
photography: Thea van den Heuvel

Transmaterial 3 by Blaine Brownell including
Carpets for Buildings
may 1 2010

Carpets for Buildings

Since the 2006 publication of his best-selling first volume of Transmaterial, author Blaine Brownell has become the undisputed master of new materials, inspiring architects and designers looking to transform the structure, spaces, and surfaces of their projects with the latest high-tech and environmentally friendly products.

The third volume in the critically acclaimed series presents over two hundred emergent materials, products, and systems that have significant potential to transform the constructed world.

An excellent ideas generator, Transmaterial 3 is an indispensable tool for any architect or designer looking to keep up with the current trends in the field of materials.

A catalog of materials that redefine our physical environment By Blaine Brownell, Associate Professor and Director, Master of Architecture Program / University of Minnesota School of Architecture



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