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Carpets for Buildings creates exclusive carpet designs based on giving principle attention to the spatial experience of a building. With software we developed ourselves, we implement the use of computer controlled carpet production machines in an innovative way. Designs can be printed and tufted. This is done in close collaboration with several carpet manufacturers.
The carpets can be produced either in broadloom or modular fashion.

Unrepeatable Carpets

Our design Unrepeatable Carpets
is a response to the repetitive monotony of standard carpet tiles. The designs result from the desire
to create unique and vivid patterns through out buildings. By the use of custom designed software images are randomly generated to make Unrepeatable Carpets. The files are entered into a computer controlled carpet production machine. This process generates an endless variety of outcomes creating a particular decorative pattern. Due to the universal quality of the pattern, however, tiles may still be easily replaced when necessary.

Wall-through-wall Carpets

A Wall Through Wall Carpet is
the result of a design strategy for buildings in which the perception
of space is united with the floor plan. With the use of computer controlled carpet printing and tufting ma-chines, it is possible to create special visual and atmospheric effects for a building in combination with a carefully executed carpeting plan.



Carpets for Buildings investigates the possibilities for producing carpet in relief which may lead to new features. For example, a minimum of relief is created by applications of different... (more)

Guggenheim Helsinki Now

A concept carpet design made by Carpets for Buildings for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for the public exhibition of the designs of a proposed Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki. (more)

Carpets for Buildings listed in Elements catalogue by Rem Koolhaas

Architecture is a strange mixture of persistence and flux, an amalgamation of elements. A collection of these essential elements into 15 books in a package launched at the 2014 Venice Biennale... (more)

Opening Materials Library at
University at Buffalo

In February 2015 the opening took place of the Materials Library of the leading university in New York State. The library contains a collection of innovative materials being developed worldwide. (more)

Transmaterial 3 by Blaine Brownell including Carpets for Buildings

Since the 2006 publication of his best-selling first volume of Transmaterial, author Blaine Brownell has become the undisputed master of new materials, inspiring architects and designers looking to transform the structure, spaces, and surfaces of their projects with the latest high-tech and environmentally friendly products. (more)

Saudi Build 2018

Carpets for Buildings is at the Holland pavilion at the Saudi Build Fair 2018 from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26. We are delighted with the invitation from the Dutch embassy in Ryadh (more)

Composing the new carpet

From January 2016 to December 2018 Carpets for Buildings will be partner in Composing the New Carpet. This is a research project by the Centre of Expertise Future Makers ArtEZ (more)

Comparison of gradients

new tests prints. (more)

moOD 2012

During the international MoOD fair in Brussel(from 11 to 13 sept 2012) Carpets for Buildings will be presented by matériO as part of the MoOD Innovation Platform. (more)

MatériO 2012

matériO is an independent information centre on materials and innovative products established in Antwerpen, Paris, Prague and Barcelona. MatériO provides members with a large selection of specific, reproducible and obtainable materials, key elements in the creation process. You can also find Carpets for Buildings in the matériO database. (more)

Futur(s) 12

Peclers Paris is a leading trend, style and innovation consulting agency. Peclers publishes trend books serving all creative and manufacturing professionals. Futur(s) 12 offers a more prospective global analysis of cross-serving innovation in materials. Carpets for Buildings is happy to be represented in this edition. (more)


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